SPOD STATION (gornji dio)

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275,00 kn

NASH (T2080)

Single: (W)58cm (D)28cm

Single spod station uključuje samo gornji dio u koji ide kanta. Kante i noge se prodaju zasebno.

- Nash stalak za posudu

- Dizajniran za Nash Rectangular Bait Bucket od 10 ili 17 litara

- Pravokutna metalna bočna posuda

- Standardni navoj

- Isporučuje se bez nogu

- Dimenzije: 58 x 28 cm

The slick baiting accessory that raises your game whether you are match carping or summer hauling. A tough metal framework with four 3/8” BSF thread corner fittings for storm pole support, the Spod Station is designed for you to quickly drop in the 10 or 17 litre Nash rectangular buckets, and leave your bait at exactly the height you need to repeatedly Spomb without unnecessary bending over or moving between casts, rebait rigs, mould groundbait balls or mix more sloppy spod mix.

A rectangular metal side tray allows you to keep finger stalls, pop up pots and rig tools handy at all times, complete with a metal retaining loop to hang numbers of pre-tied and ready baited rigs for when the action is hectic. A hanging hook takes a hand towel or even air dry bags to keep boilies close to hand for throwing stick work.

At the opposite side a moulded framework perfectly accepts a drop in matchman’s style bait box to hold ready tied cobweb bags or sticks, or hold water for maintaining the consistency of your spod mix, or simply washing your hands after a heavy baiting session.

Two 3/8” female threads on the side of the frame are a neat touch to allow Butt Locks (not included) to support rods securely against the Spod Station when you’re not feeding the swim. Available in two sizes, the Double Spod Station carries two buckets and two bait boxes for a variety of feeds or more aggressive baiting with larger quantities.

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