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Stanje: Dostupno
409,00 € (3.081,61 kn)


Težina: 18 kg

Dimenzije: 335x295x170cm (šator za 2-3 osobe)

Transportne dimenzije. 25x25x115cm

Visina: max 175 cm


Šator se odlikuje izrazitom stabilnošću, građen je od kvalitetnog pojačanog aluminija, svi spojevi su izuzetno stabilni. 

Pakiran je u torbi. Prozorski dijelovi šatora se sastoje od mreže za komarce i transparentnog materijala koji ujedno služi kao zaštita za loše vremenske uvjete. Dimenzije šatora su 3,25x2,95x1,65 metara što ga čini ugodnim za boravak 2 - 3 osobe. Šator ima izuzetno visoku otpornost na oborine, testiran na 10.000 ml oborina.

This new model of the bivvy is made from extremely resistant material M-Tec 410 with waterproof resistance of 10.000mm. It is an enlarged and innovated version of the awarded bivvy New Dynasty (e.g. Bivvy of the year) that became the best selling bivvy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This bivvy comes with a significantly enlarged internal space but keeps the same size of the floor mat. There are additional loops for the storm poles to tight the large cover well. The thickness and the quality of the cover can be identified and recognized at the first touch and can be easily distinguished from other standard bivvies in the market. This bivvy with 19mm reinforced ribs is based on classic pram hood construction. The extended hood protects the entrance area and makes a spacious anteroom. Inside of the bivvy there are 13 loops to hang some accessories (three new on the rear rib). The width of the bivvy can be set up in three positions (steps by 15cm). The max height is 170cm. The front and especially the rear windows were enlarged a lot. All Velcro straps on the windows are double sized to hold the closed windows even in the worst weather conditions. The ventilation flap on the door decreases the humidity inside of the bivvy. The large Easy Grip pullers on the massive door zippers can be illuminated by chemical lights. There are 4 Velcro fasteners to fix the rods leaned on the bivvy.

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