TOUGH 5" /125mm

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TOUGH 5" /125mm
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CRAZY FISH - više boja dostupno

Silikonske varalice za štuku, smuđa, bassa ili velikog grgeča. Dipana je u mirisu lignja.

Dužina: 125mm

Težina: 14gr

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TOUGH - the perfect weapon to hunt for Pike, Zander, Bass and big Perch. This lure has long and thin body, similar to most "shad" type baits, but the main feature of the TOUGH is a massive, heavy paddle tail. In combination with the relatively thin body this tail gives off a very low frequency vibrations with large amplitude. Even at a very slow retrieve TOUGH imposingly waves with tail, which in its turn sets in motion the whole body and the bait creates active swings. An important stabilizing role in such swinging play protruding fins. On the belly of this lure there is a small flat fin which is designed for comfortable rigging with offset hook. An Offset Hook size 6/0 and 7/0 is ideal for this "THOUGH guy". In general, the bait produces a lot of vibrations in different directions. TOUGH is very agile and has the very qualities needed when trying to induce a take from pike and perch when they are lethargic, or in colored water. One tip for fishing the TOUGH, jigging with a jighead or flex head is excellent but also try it with a drop shot, Texas or. Carolina rig. It is recommended for catching Pike, Zander, Bass and Perch in lakes, canals and rivers with slow current . This lure contains natural attractant with real squid oil.

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