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KORDA - različiti mirisi dostupni

Kordin GOO je višenamjenski proizvod. Može biti dip ili aditiv u različitim mixevima. Postoje različiti mirisi, te dvije vrste: BAIT SMOKE i POWER SMOKE. 

POWER SMOKE je iznimno jak, nekoliko zabačaja sa power smoke bilo u PVA ili spod načinu kreirat će nevjerojatan oblak mirisa, okusa i boje blizu kojeg riba jednostavno 'poludi'.

BAIT SMOKE je nešto nježniji u boji, ali jednako efektan kao i power smoke i može se koristit u svim uvjetima.

Vrlo mala količina je dovoljna za jak intenzitet. Močite pelete, miksajte sa vodom ili dodajte u prihranu, dodajte u PVA ili dipajte različite mamce. Vrlo višenamjenski proizvod koji je omiljen među šaranašima.

Power Smokes are exactly that, powerful and session changing. A few casts with the Power Smokes in your spod or on your PVA bags will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour and simply send fish into a frenzy around the area of your hook bait.

The Bait smokes are slightly softer in colour, but just as effective and ideal for use in almost every situation. They are so natural smelling that their addition really can’t be overdone. Having said that, a bottle goes a very long way! Let your imagination go wild. Soak pellets, mix with water to dampen groundbait to add a unique edge, add Bait Smokes to PVA on their own or doubled up with Power Smokes, soak skinned tigers, glug boilies; the list is long.

This Goo is hot and spicy. It is a very complex mixture of a variety of chillis and it really has a kick to it. It is very thin like all the other Supremes in the series therefore its primary purpose is to either soak your hook baits in it or add it to your spod mix. Carp on some lakes seem to take a special liking to spicy flavours, so this Goo was created for that.

Now this Goo seems to be the most widely anticipated one of the series. We all know Tigernuts are simply amazing at catching carp. Natural progression dictated that we decided to make a Tigernut Goo. This Goo contains all the natural elements of tiger nuts. It has a middle-of-the-road consistency, just like Corn Twist and Mystic Spice, making a general-purpose and general-use Goo.


Scopex Cream Smoke carries the signature green haze that made the Goo world-famous, and is perfect for adding to Method feeders, zig foam, hookbaits, and similar, just before casting out, and once submerged it will leak off over a prolonged period of time, so is great for the short session angler


The Super Scopex Supreme is a wonderfully vibrant Goo, with a slight orange appearance, and it is perfect for drizzling onto hookbaits and letting it soak right through to the core.


The Buttercorn is one of the finest blends created to date by Kiana, and during testing has been nothing short of extraordinary, with carp, big and small, from across the globe.

“One taste will indicate that this isn’t your usual liquid attractor, as it is delightfully sweet and a potent fish attractor. It has been a wonderful hookbait soak, plus a great addition to stick, Method and bag mixes, and even as a light glaze over loosefeed.

“The colour is another plus for those who favour white hookbaits, or the washed-out look, as it leaves a mild haze around your bait. It is best applied a little at a time when dosing hookbaits, and then leave it to soak in. A great combo is 50:50 with the Tiger Nut Goo. 

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