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SHIMANO - više veličina dostupno

4000XGA: težina 245gr - kočnica 11kg - prijenos 6.2:1 - uvlačenje 101cm - kapacitet špage 15lb/230yds

Broj ležaja: 10+1

The new Twin Power XD has been redesigned and refined to set a new standard in saltwater durability. Suited to inshore light jigging and lure casting. The Micro Module Gear II and Silent Drive makes the gearing extremely silent and smooth. The main Hagane Gear provides strong cranking power and X-Protects provides superior saltwater resistance. The redesigned Long Stroke Spool provides improved casting distance and the new MGL Rotor delivers ultra-light friction free rotation. Ci4+ construction reduces weight by 35 to 55 grams when compared to the original Twin Power XD from 2017 and the aluminum Hagane Body provides rigidity. Featuring a Cross Carbon Drag system that outputs up to 11kg and all models are fitted with upgraded power handle knobs.

The new TWIN POWER XD is the strongest and most durable reel in the Magnumlite series. It is designed for effortless casting and retrieving in the toughest SW inshore environments and fisheries around the globe.  The Twin Power XD is the better and improved version of its predecessor, but what are the new main features? Find out more below.

  • HAGANE GEAR and Aluminum body (with Ci4+ plate) provide external strength and internal cranking power 
  • SILENT DRIVE & MICRO MODULE GEAR II to improve the smoothness and silent rotation
  • MGL Rotor is super lightweight and perfectly balanced which enables the fast rotation response
  • X-PROTECT provides High-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation
  • LONG STROKE SPOOL increases the casting distance

The superb sensitivity and strength will benefit many inshore anglers across Europe, it doesn’t matter if you are fishing for Seabass or Barracuda or other strong inshore species the new TWINPOWER XD is the perfect go-to reel. 

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