CRAZY SPOON 15cm/32gr

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CRAZY SPOON 15cm/32gr
Stanje: Dostupno
30,00 kn

ORKA - više boja dostupno

Dužina: 15cm

Težina: 32gr

Prva silikonska žlica na tržištu.

Silicone spoon or its original name "Crazy Spoon" justifies all its possibilities, we would call it 4 in one; in one model we have four ways of guiding:
"POPPER" surface retreat (guiding) with the possibilities of stronger and weaker shaking, where we get the effects of stronger and weaker blasts. This is the imitation of the frog movement or the classic pulling that imitates various rodents on the surface of the water.
"JERK" When you throw lure, she falls on the surface on its backside and stays there. Just gently pull our lure to fill her stomach with water, wait few seconds to start dropping and then begin to jerk. All these movements that you, with help of your own hands and imagination, turn into a wounded or dying fish happens under the surface of the water, no matter how much you allow her to go down - she aspire to go to the surface of the water, just like real fish. Spank our Crazy spoon with short and sharp movements with different time breaks or mild and slow retreats, or simply ducking without all these breaks and present a fish in a panic escape. This model allows various hooks to be applied depending on the terrain, whether the terrain is covered with underwater or surface obstacles (plant, branch).
"SPOON" classical move of spoon, when lure disappears from the surface of the water, start to roll your machine (faster or slower) and you have a regular spoon movement.
"JIG" By placing a jig hook, it allows classical jumping and searching of the terrain at the bottom of water, or the lateral setting (halibut system), which have even more original moves.

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