PowerCatcher:  VIB 75

PowerCatcher: VIB 75


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Part of the latest slow jig phenomenon, this Bottom Ship Jig system has been developed by Shimano to provide you with a fun and exciting approach to catching bottom feeding species. The unique Shimano Bottom Ship design is practically snag free, thanks to the centre positioned assist leader. Being a bottom weighted metal jig, it flutters on descent, with a two hook assist rig and octopus skirt to draw the attention of a variety of predatorial fish. Perfect for when you need to get to the bottom fast, such us fishing in work-ups or chasing fast moving fish. Snapper are particularly fond of these lures, but they work just as well on Kingfish, Hapuka and even Gurnard.

Fishing Method:
The best technique used to fish the Shimano Bottom Ship Jigs is a type of slow motion mechanical jigging. Where you slowly raise your rod up and down whilst you retrieve the lure at a similar speed. After 4-5 slow jigging motions drop your lure back to the bottom and repeat. To see this method in action (and the fish it can catch) view the video above.

Rigging Instructions:
Detach the steel ring, push the loop through the middle of the hole of the jig from the side with the large opening to the smaller round opening at the back. Attach the steel ring again.

Shimano Bottom Ship Jig Features:

  • Snag-free
  • Deadly on bottom feeding fish
  • Metal jig with a two hook assist rig and added octopus skirt
  • Great under work-ups
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