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To retain carp easier and safer, we developed this unique system. The Safety Keep Sack Cable System consists of an aluminium cylinder which fits on nearly all banksticks. On the cylinder, a 5m coated cable is connected. At the end is a large split ring and a big stopper.

A normal carp lead weight can be attached to the split ring (we advise 300 to 500g) and can be thrown in the water from the bank. Then the individual keep sacks can be securely attached using the carabiner and then the keep sack can slide into the water, all the way down until the stopper.

The Keepsack Cable System is perfect for all kinds of banks. The long cable can be stretched between 2 banksticks too, so a line is created to attach the individual keep sacks.

Characteristics of the Safety Keep Sack Cable System:
+ 5m black coated stainless steel cable
+ 2 carabiners
+ Heavy duty split ring
+ Black EVA stopper
+ One for all size aluminium bankstick block
+ Comes with a handy pouch
+ Can be used both from bank and on the water.

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