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SHIMANO - više modela dostupno

8000 PGC: težina 625gr - prijenos 4,9:1 - broj ležaja 13+1 - kočnica 25kg - kapacitet 0.370-275/0.405-230/0.470-160

8000 HGC: težina 625gr - prijenos 5,6:1 - broj ležaja 13+1 - kočnica 25kg - kapacitet 0.370-275/0.405-230/0.470-160

10000 XGC: težina 

14000 XGC: težina 680gr - prijenos 4,9.1 - broj ležaja 13+1 - kočnica 25gr - kapacitet 0.405-300/0.47-210/0.52-160

The STELLA SW needs no introduction: it’s Shimano’s most high-end, durable, strong and powerful spinning reel which is recognized for it’s quality and durability by anglers all over the world. The reel has been improved on many points: it is even stronger, more though, more durable and more powerful. The STELLA SW is built to be very strong and powerful, making it possible to fish for big salt water species with spinning tackle. The range includes many different sizes and gear ratio’s for many different techniques and purposes.

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