FAKE BAITS (sinking)

FAKE BAITS (sinking)




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YAMASHITA - više boja dostupno

Gramaža: 23gr

Yamashita EGI OH TR (Tip Run) egi je dizajnirana za ribolov iz barke ili kajaka gdje je struja jača i gdje je voda dublja. Prednje otežanje, u obliku olovne glave, omogućuje da varaliva tone dublje u jačoj struji.

EGI specialize for tip run eging. Increase strike by stable swim.

Tip Run  is an exciting fishing method that you can feel the rod tip movement for squid fishing and watch the line movement. Tip Run Egi is more reactive while waiting for the squid. The angler stabilizes underwater the egi squid lure as much as possible without moving the rod and focuses on the movement of the rod tip and line until you get the desired strike. 

Tiprun egging secret is to cast your TR jig in a depth range where squid is located and earlier than anyone. However a heavy egi squid isn't always the option. The are many cases where the squid will not bite unless the jig is light weight as possible. The problem in this case is how to dive a lightweight egi jig as quick as possible?

Yamashita payed a lot of attention to such troubles in egi fishing and researched thoroughly the weight of bucket body and the weight sinkers. 

With the weight of the egg kept intact it arrived at the ideal falling speed which can quickly deliver the eggi jig to the depth range of the squid with a balanced action. 

Sometimes squid can attack in deep waters like 40 - 60mt and Tip Run egging technique is a powerfull tool. The water pressure on an egi jig obviously gives the angler a hard time.  So Yamashita pursued a unique form of an eggi jig that reduces the burden on the angler so that he can maintain his focus and fish longer.

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